When I was a child I often looked forward to the coming of the late afternoon to see the reflection of sunlight hitting the highest windows. I was on the first floor of a large building surrounded by other buildings, and this luminescence was the only thing that bound me to infinity.

Growing having time to see this light became more and more difficult, partly because the life took me away from those buildings. Every now and then in the evening I stopped to watch the last rays of the sun, smiling. This luminescence is the only thing that binds me to that emotion.

A late afternoon some time ago I came home, sitting in the back seat of a motorcycle. Looking to my right the sun drew the silhouette of the outskirts, forcing me to close my eyes. I was very good. Every morning, opening the window, I see the sun again hitting the plants and now I can understand everything. Takes only a moment.

That instant the sound fills everything.